Reviewing Daily Symptom Survey Results

University officials may request to see your Daily Symptom Survey (DSS) results email to verify that you are compliant with campus policy and permitted to access university facilities and programs.


Symptom Survey results are private.
Requesting Symptom Survey results without a business need to do so, may infringe on the privacy of others. Email if you have concerns.

Officials who may ask to see an employee’s Daily Symptom Survey (DSS) results email, include:
  • Their supervisor and manager
  • Event staff and employees assigned to control facility entry points

It is not appropriate to ask to see DSS results:
  • Between colleagues at a meeting.
  • When you see someone walking down the hall or standing in a public, interior space (e.g., elevator, water fountain).
  • Because you think it will tell you the person’s vaccination status.
Employees and students are not generally permitted to ask to see another’s DSS results.

Reviewing DSS results emails

For those with a business need and approval to review Symptom Survey results to verify compliance with campus policy:

  • Treat this information as private.
  • Conduct a visual review of the documentation provided (e.g., email or printed email).
    • Ensure that employees are using the correct badge (NOT a visitor badge)
    • Look for correct name in the heading.
    • Look for either a Green or Purple approval color, either is acceptable.
    • Look for current date. 
  • Do not retain any identifiable documentation.. 
Student/Employee Approved Badge
affiliate approved badge for daily symptom survey

The Student/Employee Badge has name at the very top and an approval time.
Visitor Approved Badge
Visitor approved badge for daily symptom survey

The Visitor Badge is designed to be distinct from the Student/Employee Badge. 1) Includes "Visitor" at top, 2) Name is at the bottom of badge.
UC Davis Health Badge
NOT accepted on Davis campus
UC Davis Health approved badge
Employees and visitors on the Davis campus, must use the Davis campus survey.

Students and the DSS

Students are not required to complete the Symptom Survey unless they are a student employee reporting for work. 

  • Students cannot be required produce the DSS for classroom entry

  • Students may use their DSS results to prove they need to isolate

Read FAQs for Classroom Instruction

Saving DSS results emails

Supervisors and facility managers may ask employees (and student employees) to forward their Symptom Survey results email to verify compliance:

  • Do not keep Symptom Survey results emails for longer than the day you need to use it.
  • Those who receive Symptom Survey results emails should delete stored copies.