Help Keep Campus Healthy

We can all help keep campus healthy.

We can all play a role in helping keep ourselves and others healthy by following these general public health practices:

  1. Stay home if you're sick.
  2. Report positive COVID-19 diagnosis and test result.
    You are strongly encouraged to notify UC Davis if you test positive for COVID-19.
  3. Masks are recommended indoors.
    Masks are recommended indoors and are strongly recommended in healthcare facilities. See face covering requirement details.
  4. Test if you're feeling sick, especially if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
    If you are feeling sick, it is recommended that you test. Free distribution of antigen kits through the end of the academic year is happening at the Memorial Union information desk, student residence halls and the front desks at the Activities and Recreation Center and Shields Library.

Stay current on face covering requirements and recommendations

"Hello again." image of person wearing an Aggies mask

Masks are recommended indoors and are strongly recommended in healthcare facilities, including the UC Davis Student Health and Wellness Center, Hunt Hall and North Hall. Depending on local COVID activity, mask requirements may vary and become required, especially in healthcare settings.

For other settings, the California Department of Public Health has updated their masking recommendations. Masks are recommended for everyone when levels of COVID-19 infections are higher. Check Yolo County's COVID-19 community level to interpret CDPH guidance based on your risk:

  • When community levels are low, CDPH advises those at lower risk for severe illness to wear a mask based on their personal preference and individual level of risk and those at higher risk for severe illness to consider wearing a mask in crowded indoor public places.
  • When community levels are medium, CDPH advises those at lower risk for severe illness to consider wearing a mask in crowded indoor public places. Wearing a mask is recommended in crowded indoor public places for those at higher risk for severe illness.
  • When community levels are high, CDPH recommends all those at lower risk of severe illness wear a mask in crowded indoor public places and strongly recommends those at higher risk for severe illness to wear a mask in indoor public places.


  • Can I require someone to wear a mask when meeting with me? Can my department require universal indoor masking?
  • No. Campus policy aligns with both county and state guidelines for a "strong recommendation" to wear a mask indoors. Because there is no public health requirement and because campus policy does not maintain a requirement, you may not require others to wear a mask.

    Additionally, you may not ask someone to wear a mask. Instead, we are aligned with public health policy and Yolo County Public Health orders which acknowledge the right to an individual choice for when to wear a mask. To the extent an individual has personal circumstances requiring a higher degree of protection, we encourage them to follow the Yolo County Public Health recommendations regarding the benefits of one-way masking. (Updated Feb. 28, 2023)
  • What counts as a face covering? Can a face shield be worn instead of a mask?
  • A face covering is a surgical mask, a medical procedure mask, or a tightly woven fabric or non-woven material of at least two layers. A face covering has no visible holes or openings and must cover the nose and mouth. A face covering does not include a scarf, ski mask, balaclava, bandana, turtleneck, collar, or single layer of fabric. Face shields are not substitutes for face coverings and should be reserved for clinical settings or by explicitly authorized medical exception. (Updated Feb. 28, 2023)
  • Will campus provide face coverings for employees to use?

  • Cloth coverings or paper masks are acceptable face coverings to meet mask requirements. In addition, if an employee requests to have an N95 respirator provided for their use at work, their department shall provide one. (Updated June 27, 2022)



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