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Potential Worksite Exposure Reporting (AB 685)

Potential Worksite Exposures

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Report Date Sort ascending Worksite Location Potential Exposure Dates*
Cuarto Dining Commons Davis campus
UC Davis Bookstore Davis campus
Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility Davis campus
Shasta Hall Davis campus
Controlled Environment Facility-A Davis campus
Segundo Dining Commons Davis campus -
Kemper Hall Davis campus
Thompson Hall Davis campus
Yosemite Hall Davis campus
Young Hall Davis campus
The Green at West Village - 301 Celadon St. Davis campus
Vet Med Teaching Hospital Davis campus
Human Resources Administration Building Davis campus
UC Davis Student Farm Davis campus
UC Davis Silo Davis campus
Hoagland Hall Davis campus
TB 13 Davis campus
UC Davis Bookstore Davis campus
Ticon II Off campus
Latitude Dining Commons Davis campus
Yosemite Hall Davis campus
Bixby Hall Davis campus
Currant Hall Davis campus
Kearney Hall Davis campus -
Malcolm Hall Davis campus

* AB 685 requires notification when a qualifying individual has been in a worksite (e.g., buildings, stores, facilities, agricultural fields and other locations) during their infectious period. The California Department of Public Health defines the infectious period as 2 days before an infected person first develops symptoms (or 2 days before an asymptomatic test) until 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared, and at least 24 hours have passed with no fever (without the use of fever-reducing medications), and other symptoms have improved.