California reopened on June 15: However, workplace rules are not changing immediately.

UC Davis COVID-19 Vaccine Program

COVID-19 vaccination is an important tool to help end the pandemic

All UC Davis employees, including student employees, are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as “frontline workers in the education industry.” To schedule an appointment, go to the state’s My Turn scheduling page and select Education and Childcare as your business/industry.

Everyone 12 years or older is now eligible to receive the vaccine, including our student population.

Find a vaccine appointment via My Turn

On-Campus Vaccine Clinic

UC Davis is helping administer COVID-19 vaccines in line with state and county guidelines through its campus vaccine clinic. The clinic is now open to the public and taking appointments through the state's My Turn scheduling system.

  • UC Davis will open appointments as doses become available. We encourage you to check My Turn for available options this week.
  • In the My Turn system, appointments at the vaccine clinic on the Davis campus are often labeled as "UCD SHCS."
  • The UC Davis campus vaccine clinic is located at the Activities and Recreation Center Ballroom (ARC) at 760 Orchard Road in Davis, CA 95616.
  • Reminder: In order to access a vaccine appointment on campus, you must complete the Daily Symptom Survey
Looking for an easy way to get vaccinated on campus? We’re looking for volunteers to join our standby list when we have extra doses available. Text DavisVax to 888777 for text alerts from UC Davis about our vaccine clinic. (You can text “STOP” to the same number to be removed from text alerts in the future.)

Reporting Your Vaccine Information

  • Providing your vaccine information is not required at this time. However, this information will be valuable for campus decision making regarding a return to in-person instruction, research and other campus activities.
  • Employees and students are able to report their COVID-19 vaccinations through the Health-e-Messaging portal. After logging into the portal, click on the blue button on the homepage to "Enter My COVID-19 Vaccination Information" to start the process. You will need to enter your vaccine type and date(s), and upload images (front and back) of your vaccine card. Your self-reported information will be verified at a later date. 
  • Employees: See UC’s interim COVID-19 vaccination policy for more information. We will provide further updates as they become available.
  • NEW: Will UC Davis employees receive paid time off to receive the COVID-19 vaccine?
  • Yes, hourly employees of UC Davis may take up to four hours of paid time to obtain each dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.  Employees must provide advance notice to their supervisor.

  • NEW: Can UC Davis employees use UC Expanded Paid Administrative Leave (PAL) if they get sick from side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine?
  • If an employee who has UC Expanded Paid Administrative Leave (PAL) available gets the COVID-19 vaccine and gets sick from side effects of the vaccine and is unable to work for that reason, the employee would be able to use PAL for their recovery that time. If an employee has exhausted PAL or opts not to use it, the employee would be able to use accrued sick leave, vacation leave and/or PTO.

  •  I am currently experiencing symptoms, am ill, or have a medical question about getting the vaccine.
  • Contact your Primary Care Provider for guidance
  • UPDATED: How do I schedule my vaccination appointment?
  • The UC Davis vaccine clinic now accepts appointments through the state's My Turn scheduling system for all eligible individuals, including employees and members of the public. We no longer are using the Health-e-Messaging system to schedule COVID-19 vaccine appointments.
  • There are no available appointments in Health-e-Messaging? How do I schedule my shot?
  • We no longer are using the Health-e-messaging system to schedule vaccine appointments. The UC Davis vaccine clinic is now scheduling appointments through the state's My Turn scheduling system exclusively.
  •  I am having trouble scheduling though My Turn.
  • Visit the My Turn FAQ page: https://covid19.ca.gov/vaccines/#Questions-and-answers
    Call t
    he My Turn hotline: 833-422-4255
  • What can I expect when I arrive for my vaccine appointment?
  • Be prepared to show personal identification at the time of your appointment. You will also need to do your part to follow campus safety rules, including passing the daily symptom survey, wearing a face covering and maintaining physical distance.

    When you arrive for your appointment, if you haven't completed an electronic consent form, then you'll be asked to review and sign one. Next, you'll move into the room, take a number and then wait to be called. When your number is called, you'll move to the vaccine station and be given your shot. Then you'll be seated for 15-30 minutes and monitored for any adverse reactions, depending on your risk factors. At the end of your wait period, you are allowed to leave. More instructions about scheduling your second dose of the vaccine will be provided at your appointment. After you leave, your seat will be disinfected for the next person. 
  • What are the eligibility requirements for scheduling a vaccine appointment?
  • We encourage you to visit vaccine eligibility requirements posted by the California Department of Public Health.

  • UPDATED: Are UC Davis students eligible to get vaccinated?
  • Yes! As of May 12, all Californians 12 years of age or older are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Please see the state's current vaccine eligibility guidance for further details.
  • UPDATED: Will UC Davis employees and students be mandated to get a coronavirus vaccine?
  • Per UC’s interim COVID-19 vaccination policy, employees will be strongly encouraged to get the vaccine, but can sign a declination form for any reason including a religious or medical reason. If an employee declines, they must wear personal protective equipment to mitigate risk as required by UC Davis whenever they are on campus.
  • What are the benefits of getting vaccinated?
  • COVID-19 vaccines are meant to prevent you from getting ill from COVID-19. The ability of COVID-19 vaccines to protect us from spreading the virus to others is not yet known but is being studied carefully. Read more at CDC’s Benefits of Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine.
  • I’m having symptoms because of the vaccine, should I go to work?
  • Symptoms can develop because of an adverse reaction to the vaccine, but they can also develop because of an infection from the virus. Campus policy and best public health practices require you to stay home when feeling any symptoms. You must answer the Daily Symptom Survey by reporting your symptoms. You may return to work after symptoms resolve from taking the vaccine. For essential healthcare workers, you may return to work earlier if you secure a return to work slip from your primary care physician.
  • Which vaccine(s) will UC Davis be administering?
  • Several companies are working on COVID-19 vaccines that work against the virus that causes COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2. The three FDA-authorized vaccines for use are from Pfizer mRNA vaccine, Moderna mRNA vaccine and the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine. UC Davis is prepared to accommodate any vaccine with appropriate storage on campus, and plans to administer whichever vaccine is provided to us at the time. 
  • What can I expect after vaccination?
  • After vaccination, it will be essential for everyone to continue to wear face coverings, maintain physical distance and practice good hand hygiene to help continue to keep our community healthy. There is not enough information currently available to say if or when CDC will stop recommending that people wear masks and avoid close contact with others to help prevent the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19, even after receiving the vaccine.

    Regular testing is a step we should all be taking to keep ourselves, our families and our community healthy, both before and after receiving vaccinations. It is critical that everyone participate in the UC Davis Campus Ready testing program to help quickly identify people who are infected. UC Davis students and employees are eligible for free testing through Campus Ready, and Davis community members and family members of UC Davis employees are eligible for free testing through Healthy Davis Together.
  • I had my vaccination on campus lost my Vaccination Card or my card looks incorrect.
  • Please call (530) 752-6125.