Quarantine and Isolation

Students and employees will need to isolate after a COVID-19 diagnosis, and some may need to quarantine after an exposure

Stay current on testing.
ALWAYS check Health-e-Messaging for your test results.


Someone with COVID-19 must isolate for a full 10 days.




Close contacts may require quarantine for a full 10 days.

Special Quarantine and Isolation Guidance

For Everyone

For Students

  • With limited remote options, students will likely miss classes during the isolation/quarantine period. Students should contact their faculty to alert them of their situation and coordinate regarding coursework. If students experience academic challenges due to the impact of Quarantine or Isolation, they should contact their academic advisor. 

For Supervisors

  • When an employee tests positive for COVID-19 and reports their diagnosis to UC Davis, they will be provided guidance for notifying their supervisor that they cannot come to campus, as well as return-to-work requirements. 
  • Supervisors should not send any further communication regarding the work restriction to anyone else, but may communicate needed adjustments to workload and schedule, if the work restriction affects business process needs.