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Campus Ready Signage

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Signage Installation Tips

  • Order laminated signs from Repro Graphics. Laminated signs will be produced at no cost at this time, subject to change. They will also look more finished and are easier to post, especially if you use the recommended products for posting (see below).
  • Facilities Management can serve as a resource for helping you create placement plans. Connect with them by submitting a work order on their website. There is no charge for this service. They can help you decide what signs should go where. Download a sample plan (pdf)
  • Create your own placement plan (if necessary) by downloading floor plans for your worksite from FacilitiesLink.
  • Use products that are removable and do not damage surfaces for posting signs. Recommended products include:
Image of xfasten double-sided tape.


XFasten Double-Sided Tape 

Available on AggieBuy via the Amazon tile.
See instructions below.

Image of double-sided acrylic adhesive tape.


Double-Sided Acrylic Removable Adhesive

Available on AggieBuy via the Amazon tile.
See instructions below.

To purchase double-sided tape and removable adhesive:

  • Go to AggieBuy
  • Go to the "Showcases" section and look for "Office/Furniture/Giftcards/Other."
  • Click on the Amazon tile.
  • Log into your business account.
  • Search for removable adhesives like those recommended above and continue to checkout.