COVID-19 Screening and Testing Scope

UC Davis’ goal is to test all students and employees who access campus facilities for COVID-19.

UC Davis maintains comprehensive plans to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Campus plans are responsive to current University of California, County Public Health, State, and CDC best practices.

Maintaining a comprehensive community COVID-19 testing strategy is identified as a best practice when combined with a response plan to quarantine and isolate affected members of our community, in accordance with Yolo County Public Health guidelines and orders.

Scope of Screening and Testing Plan

We are expanding our capacity weekly to test for COVID-19 on the Davis campus. Ultimately, every university student and employee accessing a UC Davis campus facility will be required to participate in confidential COVID-19 Testing.

As of Nov. 18: All registered UC Davis students and all Davis campus employees (who receive paychecks through UCPath) are required to receive weekly COVID-19 testing in order to access campus facilities.

  • Students and employees who visit campus at least once per week are required to get tested every 7 days.
  • Students and employees who visit campus less frequently than once per week must secure a testing appointment in advance, up to 7 days before their visit. The testing appointment must be completed before accessing campus facilities. Testing availability varies each week and same-day testing appointments are not guaranteed.
  • Students who were previously mandated to begin weekly testing in the groups below must continue testing on a weekly basis:
    • Residents and Residential Staff in housing managed by Student Housing
    • Residents at The Green
    • Residents in Sorority or Fraternity residences
    • Student firefighters and EMTs residing on campus
    • Aggie Public Health Ambassadors
    • Aggie Hosts
    • Student Athletes 
    • Unitrans, ASUCD and Bookstore 
    • Select high-risk research projects 
    • Information and Educational Technology
    • School of Veterinary Medicine 
    • Gradudate and undergradaute students taking in-person instruction
  • Students and staff living in on-campus housing managed by the university must participate in testing every 7 days regardless of accessing any other campus facility.

As of Nov. 12: Designated members of these additional groups are also required to schedule and receive COVID-19 testing, including:

  • Aggie Public Health Ambassadors
  • Aggie Hosts
  • Student firefighters and EMTs living on campus
  • Residents in Sorority or Fraternity residences
  • Unitrans, ASUCD and Bookstore
  • Student Athletes
  • Student Housing and Dining Services
  • UC Davis Police Department
  • UC Davis Fire Department
  • Student Health and Counseling Services
  • Testing kiosk
  • Occupational Health
  • Custodial Services
  • Library
  • Select high-risk research projects
  • In-person instruction
  • Safety Services
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Grounds
  • Information and Educational Technology
  • Offices of the Chancellor and Provost
  • School of Veterinary Medicine

As of Sept. 14: Groups that are required to schedule and receive COVID-19 testing include:

  • All UC Davis students residing in an on-campus, UC Davis-managed residence hall
  • All UC Davis students residing at The Green

Testing scope and compliance includes persons accessing facilities on the Davis campus or in Yolo county. It does not include locations outside of Yolo county (e.g., Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, Bodega Bay, etc).


  • Participants included in the above scope are required to schedule and receive testing at one of the testing kiosks once every seven days.
  • Participants needing to be re-tested because of inconclusive results will follow the direction of campus medical providers. Instructions may include the need for immediate re-testing and/or a period of quarantine.
  • Participants receiving a positive test result will follow the direction of campus medical providers. Instructions may include a period isolation in keeping with public health guidelines or CDC best practices.


  • Non-compliant participants in the above referenced scope will be subject to escalation in accordance with Interim PPM 290-01. Recourse will be managed through the appropriate student, staff or academic disciplinary process.


Additional UC Davis Guidelines

These guiding documents support the Campus Ready Plan with additional details related to administrative operations, student life and research laboratories: