Summer Guidance for Employees and Students

UC Davis Public Health Policy Requirements

We all have a responsibility to keep campus healthy. Below is a summary of the UC Davis public health policy (Interim 290-01) requirements for summer. For additional details and definitions of "current" and "not current" on vaccines, please visit the Public Health Policies & Requirements page

Summer Sessions

As announced by Chancellor May on June 13, there will be some shifts to COVID-19 protocols for campus that will go into effect on June 24, 2022.

Daily Symptom Survey (DSS)

  • Effective June 24, students will no longer be required to complete the DSS prior to accessing campus facilities. The DSS will remain available to students, who can use it as a method for monitoring their symptoms and also as a way to show their isolation status if they need to verify that they cannot access campus facilities. 
  • Employees (including student employees) will still be required to complete the DSS before arriving to work at a university controlled facility. Doing so fulfills the employee obligation to self-check symptoms prior to arriving at work each day. In addition, those who fill out the DSS will receive email notifications of the daily potential exposure report when applicable.
  • The visitor version of the symptom survey will also remain available.

COVID-19 Testing Requirements 

  • Effective June 24, mandatory asymptomatic testing requirements will end. Asymptomatic testing for UC Davis students and employees will continue to be available on a voluntary basis. 
  • The ARC testing kiosk will close after June 30 (as will other Healthy Davis Together testing sites), and a new COVID-19 testing kiosk will open across the street on July 5, for employees and students only. 
  • See COVID-19 Testing for more details.

Face Coverings - while not required, face coverings are strongly recommended indoors by Yolo County Public Health officials.

Report Positive Cases - If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, notifying UC Davis is still required and includes the need to maintain isolation in accordance with public health guidelines described here.  

The UC Vaccine Policy is still in effect and new students will need to be in compliance by the start of fall quarter 2022. More information on the vaccine policy requirement can be found on the Vaccine page

The Public Health Policies & Requirements page on the Campus Ready website is an additional resource for current campus guidance.