Isolation Guidance for Students

Isolation Guidance for Students After a Positive COVID-19 Test Result or Known Exposure

This page was last updated on September 8, 2022.
Fall Quarter 2022

What do I do if I test positive?

  • All students who test positive must report their result to the University. If you test positive using an at-home antigen test, report your result in Health-e-Messaging. Positive tests taken at UC Davis testing kiosk are automatically reported and you will be notified of your result in writing through your portal by Student Health and Counseling Services in Health-e-Messaging.
  • Students living in the residence halls or The Green should follow the isolate-in-place guidance provided by Student Housing and Dining Services.
  • Students living elsewhere should isolate-in-place by following the CDC isolation guidance, including:
    • Stay in a separate room from other household members, if possible.
    • Use a separate bathroom, if possible.
    • Take steps to improve ventilation at home, if possible.
    • Avoid contact with other members of the household and pets.
    • Don’t share personal household items, like cups, towels, and utensils.
    • Wear a well-fitting mask when you need to be around other people.

What if my roommate tests positive?

Follow the CDC guidance for people who have been exposed to COVID-19, including:

  • Wear a mask as soon as you find out you were exposed.
  • If you are asymptomatic, you do not need to quarantine, regardless of your vaccination status. Instead, get tested 3-5 days after exposure and monitor your symptoms.
  • If you develop symptoms, isolate-in-place immediately and schedule a symptomatic testing appointment with Student Health and Counseling Services in Health-e-Messaging.