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Contact Tracing

UC Davis needs the help of students and employees for contact tracing, to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

How contact tracing begins at UC Davis

1. Student or employee tests positive for COVID-19 at a UC Davis testing facility.


2.  Student or employee reports their COVID-19 diagnosis to UC Davis (mandatory).

UC Davis Will Notify

  • Employee or Student via a Health-e-Message with instructions for isolation, testing and notifying supervisors/instructors
    • Health-e-Message will be emailed to employees and students (twice daily, until opened).
  • When there is a potential worksite exposure
    UC Davis reports potential worksite exposures to COVID-19, pursuant to AB 685. Anyone who has completed the Daily Symptom Survey in the last 14 days receives a daily email with reports about worksites where someone infected with COVID-19 was present. 
    • If you were in a worksite where a potential exposure occurred, it doesn’t necessarily mean you were exposed. 
  • Facility managers when there is a CDC-defined need to clean or disinfect a facility because of a known exposure. 
    • Safety Services will provide facility managers guidance on communications and when a closure/disinfection is needed.
    • Facility managers will not send broad communications, which are covered by UC Davis' daily worksite exposure notification. 

You will NOT be notified by UC Davis…

  • If you are close contact of someone diagnosed with COVID-19.
    • This is the responsibility of the employee or student with COVID-19.
  • If you supervise someone diagnosed with COVID-19.
    • The employee will be directed by UC Davis to notify their supervisor that they cannot come to campus, as well as return-to-work requirements.
  • When a student of yours, a coworker or a classmate is diagnosed with COVID-19.
    • This information can infringe on the privacy of the infected individual.

Mandatory COVID-19 reporting and assisting contact tracers