Get answers to questions about the UC vaccine mandate - FAQs and video


What should I do if someone in my household is sick with possible COVID or has been diagnosed with COVID?

Students who may have had contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19 or who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 should call Student Health and Counseling Services at 530-752-2349 for an appointment with an RN or provider, during which they will be evaluated and given direction consistent with public health recommendations. Depending on their situation, the student may be moved to a quarantine space, asked to self-quarantine in their current living space, or asked to monitor their health.

How do I know if I need to isolate or quarantine?

Directives for UC Davis students to isolate or quarantine will be provided by Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS), including students who live off campus if they do not have appropriate options at their primary residence. The university is setting aside isolation and quarantine facilities. UC Davis has also worked with local housing complex owners to assist them in establishing isolation/quarantine space within their properties.

Do I have to complete the Daily Symptom Survey?

All students, staff and faculty are required to complete the daily symptom survey and will need to be “Approved” to gain access to locations on campus. You should save the approved email you receive as you may need to present it at facility access points or to gain entrance to classes or events. If a student does not attain “Approved” status after taking the symptom survey, they are not permitted to attend classes.