Workplace Reimagined - Davis Campus

Planning for our return to campus is underway.

Each division, college and school has unique business needs and should be creating plans at the unit or department level related to on-site coverage, space planning, health and safety guidelines, and flexible work arrangements.

  • Key Milestones
  • Deadlines for finalizing agreements and plans vary by school, college and division
    Check with your Flexible Work Liaison for more information.

    After September 1

    Long-term flexible work arrangements should be formalized, while continuing to reimagine the workplace in the spirit of continuous improvement and the staff experience in mind. 
    Our fall planning will be gradually implemented according to these guiding principles:
    >>  On-site staffing will be driven by operational needs and the recognition that operational needs differ across units and some  employees may return to campus sooner or later than September
    >>  Our operating models for the fall will reflect the lessons learned during the pandemic. We’ve discovered better ways to deliver some services and we need to take advantage of flexible hybrid-remote work arrangements, where it makes sense for the university and the employee.
    >>  Departmental plans will integrate new tools and resources to help units identify the remote-ability of assigned duties in an objective manner to promote equitable decision making.
  • Flexible Work Liaisons
  • Each school, college or division on the Davis Campus has designated one or more Flexible Work Liaisons to support the planning in their respective units.

    Employees: Start with your supervisor to talk about flexible work options.
    Supervisors: Use the resources on these pages to help with planning and assessments; confer with your Flexible Work Liaison as questions arise.

    >>  Contact Your Flexible Work Liaison
  • Requirements vs. Recommendations
  • Workplace Reimagined guidance includes actions that are required for all units as well as recommendations or best practices that each school, college or division can adapt to their specific needs.


    >>  Flexible Work Liaisons designated at school/college/division level
    >>  Overall Plans Approved at VC or Dean Level. Departments/units create plans for approval by Vice Chancellor, Vice Provost, Dean or designee
    >>  Consistent Standards Established and Implemented by schools, colleges and divisions within their units
    >>  Report Out to Campus Ready. Each school, college and division will report data on flexible work arrangements to Campus Ready in the fall. See Flexible Work Summary Report
    >>  Flexible Work Agreements and Schedules Formalized. Flexible Work Agreements will be submitted/signed for employees who will continue remote or hybrid work in the fall, and departments document details of the flexible work arrangement in the Flexible Work Schedule
    >>  Denials Subject to Review. Denial of individual requests for a flexible work arrangement will be reviewed before final decision by designated leaders in each school, college or division
    >> Follow Existing Policies including policies for travel reimbursement, information security, remote use of university equipment, and others.

    Recommendations & Best Practices

    Guidance and recommendations provided on the Workplace Reimagined website may be adjusted at the school, college or division level to fit the unique needs of that unit. This includes guidance/recommendations on assessing positions, planning workspaces and more.

    Recommendations provided here are in alignment with UCOP Guidance. 

  • Employee Resources / Work Models
  • > Employee Flex Work Success.  Tips on how to work effectively from home.
    > Working Off-site.  Information on equipment setup, ergonomics, IT security, safety and more.

    Workplace Models Defined:

    Image of flexible work models - Onsite / Hybrid-Remote / Remote. Select image to open PDF.
    Click here to open larger PDF.