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Tents and Reservation Information

Image of tent on School of Veterinary Medicine campus at UC Davis.

Tents and Reservation Information

In alignment with  California's guidance for institutions of higher education and our Campus Ready Plan, both of which encourage the regular use of non-classroom space for instruction, study and socializing, you will now find multiple tents throughout campus used for instruction, student athletics, dining and student recreation.  In general, programming is related to tent location: Tents located near student housing are for overflow dining and student recreation; tents in located around the Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital serve the School of Veterinary Medicine; and other tents are for classes or general use. Learn more.

How many tents are there and where are they located?

As of the start of fall quarter, there are 13 tents up with plans for 3 more. Five of these tents are available for reservation by our community. Check out our COVID-19 Resources Map for all the tent locations as well as many other resources related to keeping our community safe during this pandemic.

Can I reserve a tent and how?

UC Davis Conference and Event Services has created a Google form for those interested in reserving a tent. Check out the current schedule and submit your request here.

Are the tents being sanitized?

Yes. The furniture and other equipment located in the tent spaces will be sanitized 3 times a day (M-F) by our campus's custodial services units. The tent located at Toomey Field, dedicated to strength training and conditional for our student athletes, will be sanitized by Athletics staff as well as by students, before and after use.

What amenities are available?

Unboosted WiFi is available in the locations available for reservation with the exception of the tent at Hutchison Field. Please note that there is currently no power provided in these locations. If you need tables and/or chairs, arrangements can be made on an as needed basis with Conference and Event Services upon submitting your reservation request. (See reservation request section above.)

Tents available for reservation

Tents are conveniently located throughout campus with a select number are available for reservation by our campus community. The max number of people allowed ranges from 6-24, depending on the tent and the size of each section. Reservations are evaluated and approved by UC Davis Conference and Event Services. Interested? See the schedule and/or send in your request.

Image of tent icon.See the COVID-19 Resources Map to learn more about specific tent locations. The pink tents show where tents available for reservation are located.

Location Plant and Environmental
Sciences Courtyard

(south side of building)
Bainer Hall South Lawn

A Street Field
(SW corner)

International Center
(south lawn)
Hutchinson Field
(NW corner)
Size 40' x 80' 40' x 80' 40' x 60' 40' x 60' 40' x 100'
Reservable Sections 3 sections
(40'x30', 40x20, 40'x30')
3 sections
(40'x30', 40'x20', 40'x30')
3 sections
(40'x20', 40'x20', 40'x20')
3 sections
(40'x20', 40'x20', 40'x20')
Capacity up to 24 up to 24 up to 12 up to 12 up to 24
Reservation Schedule Availability Availability Availability Availability Availability