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Information for Students and Families

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Communications Update:
To keep students informed, we have launched a new Campus Ready text message series. With evolving state and local health guidance informing our campus response and directives, we felt it would be valuable to send text messages with key information, timely updates and reminders during the pandemic. Students will receive texts via the
Everbridge platform that also distributes WarnMe and Aggie Alert messages. You should have been receiving text messages with the headline “UC Davis Campus Ready” since mid-November. If you are not receiving the messages and would like to, please update your contact information at the UC Davis WarnMe and Aggie Alert page.

UC Davis has developed a comprehensive plan for the gradual return of instruction, operations and research to campus in a way that helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. Keeping our campus community safe will take a collective effort, with every single person doing their part.

We recommend students limit the frequency of coming to campus only when they have a specific need, such as attending an in-person class, going to your on-campus job, seeking medical services or testing, visiting the grab-and-go food pantry, conducting essential in-person research, or if they live in on-campus housingIf you plan to be on campus, take the time now to familiarize yourself with the important policies and resources outlined below.

Here’s what you need to know now:

Class schedules

  • Most classes will be held remotely, including all lectures and discussion sections for undergraduate students and for most graduate students.
  • If allowed, we will be offering a limited number of in-person classes with educational objectives that can be met only through in-person instruction. These classes will follow strict public health guidelines related to required face coverings, physical distancing, disinfecting surfaces, and ventilation systems, among others.
  • Remote and in-person course offerings are viewable on Schedule Builder.

Classroom accommodations

Campus dining

  • For students living in the residence halls, to-go service will be available at all dining commons until indoor dining is permitted by County and State guidelines.
  • Visit the What's Open on Campus page for additional campus dining options. 

Campus housing

  • Residence hall spaces will be de-densified to align with public health guidance, with the current plan including single-occupancy bedrooms for 2020-21. For additional information, visit the housing website.
  • UPDATED 3/4/2021As students are thinking ahead for Fall 2021, especially with regard to housing options, campus has provided guidance and resources to help with housing decisions. Campus is here to support students in their search for housing information and evaluating options and a full list of resources are available in the recent email sent to students.

Daily symptom survey

  • All students, staff and faculty are required to complete the daily symptom survey and will need to be “Approved” to gain access to locations on campus. You should save the approved email your receive as you will need to present it at facility access points. If a student does not attain “Approved” status after taking the symptom survey, they will be asked to stay home, shelter in place and contact Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS).

Events and gatherings

Face coverings and physical distancing

  • Face coverings must be worn at all UC Davis locations. For indoor locations, the only exceptions are while eating or drinking or in private spaces such as dorm rooms, single-occupancy offices, showers and the like. For outdoor spaces, face covering should be worn when maintaining 6 feet of distance from others is not feasible.
  • UPDATED 3/1/2021Branded face coverings are still available for students to pick up at the Campus Bookstore, while supplies last. Students (undergraduate and graduate) can get up to 2 extra branded face coverings. Before picking up your free item(s) you'll need to get a COVID-19 test at the ARC within 7 days of your visit to the campus bookstore. The day you go to pick up your item(s), complete the daily symptom survey to obtain your approved badge. Once at the campus store, be sure you are wearing a face covering and show them your valid UC Davis student ID. If you have lost or not been issued your Student ID, you may use a copy your class schedule and alternative ID with your name on it (driver license, credit card, etc) to pick up a face covering(s). As of March 1, 2021, Welcome Kits are not longer available. 
  • Practice physical distancing at all times outside of your living area. 

Financial aid

Financial Aid and Scholarships repackaged all awards in advance of fall billing. Updated awards were posted to MyBill on August 25, 2020. With remote learning extended into the fall quarter and the associated changes to housing status for students, Financial Aid and Scholarships has reallocated University Grant funds to enhance aid to eligible students in the following ways:

  • The on-time filing date for grant eligibility was extended from March 2 to June 30 for the 2020-21 academic year. This extension resulted in approximately 800 additional students now having access to University Grant funds.
  • Students who were initially awarded the University Grant as part of their financial aid package may receive an increase in grant funding. The award amounts will vary.

As housing status impacts your Financial Aid awards, you are encouraged to review your housing status in MyAwards as soon as your Financial Aid package is updated. To ensure that your financial aid package is reflective of your actual living expenses, please review Undergraduate Cost of Attendance.

Flu and COVID-19 vaccination

Health and mental health resources

  • Student Health and Counseling Services has expanded telehealth services to continue to provide care for patients, with in-person visits scheduled as needed.
    • Medical visits: Schedule a telephone visit through the Health-e-Messaging portal to initiate care. Speak with a Student Health Center nurse during normal business hours or the after-hours nurse advice service by calling 530-752-2349.
    • Mental health visits: Please review the COVID-19 Mental Health Resource Flyer for more information about mental health appointments, crisis support and self-care that is available, based on where you are residing.

Intercollegiate athletics

Public health policies, requirements and enforcement

Screening, testing and reporting

Social circles

  • We recommend that you follow the guidelines below in order to mitigate COVID-19 transmission risk when physically engaging with friends and social circles.
    • Your household members should be your primary social circle.
    • The smaller you keep your circle, the better.
    • Limit the frequency as much as possible when interacting with others outside of your circle.
    • Use virtual meeting/social tools when interacting with others outside of your circle instead of meeting in person.
    • All students must adhere to public health directives, even when interacting within circles.
    • Interact outdoors whenever possible.
  • Please note that student organizations of any size will not be considered a social circle and are prohibited from gathering in person, on or off campus.

Tuition and fees

  • Tuition and mandatory fees have been set regardless of the method of instruction and will not be adjusted. Teaching and learning continue, and students can make progress toward their degree. Support services from career advising to mental health services continue to be available.
  • Campus will continue to waive course materials and services fees for Summer Session courses (including Special Session courses). Shipping costs will also be covered for any materials that instructors need to send to students.
  • See the Financial Aid, Tuition and Work-Study section of the Campus Ready Student FAQ for more information.

Virtual events and services