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Information for Students and Families

This page will be updated as new information is available regarding plans for fall 2021. Please note that as public health directives may unexpectedly change in the coming months, guidance may need to be revised. We encourage you to check this page regularly. The last revision was made on July 16, 2021.

Campus Ready Text Communications:
To keep students informed, we have launched a new Campus Ready text message series. With evolving state and local health guidance informing our campus response and directives, we felt it would be valuable to send text messages with key information, timely updates and reminders during the pandemic. Students will receive texts via the Everbridge platform that also distributes WarnMe and Aggie Alert messages. You should have been receiving text messages with the headline “UC Davis Campus Ready” since mid-November. If you are not receiving the messages and would like to, please update your contact information at the UC Davis WarnMe and Aggie Alert page.

Looking forward to fall 2021, the Chancellor shared a community update on July 16 and Student Affairs emailed an update to students on June 18Students will continue to receive periodic updates throughout the summer via Chancellor and Provost messages, so please keep an eye on your inbox for these critical updates. We also recommend that you bookmark this webpage as it serves as the primary resource for students to access Fall 2021 updates.  

Here’s what you need to know:


Fall 2021:

  • As announced in the Provost's update, we are planning for instruction to be in-person with normal classroom occupancy. Students, faculty, and TAs should expect to participate largely or solely in in-person instruction. Regardless of vaccine status, face coverings will be required for all attendees except the instructor in instructional settings.
  • Students should be aware that there will be very limited remote course offerings, so it may be appropriate to take a leave of absence for fall if circumstances related to COVID-19 impact a student’s ability to attend class in person. More information about the Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP) is available on the University Registrar webpage. Because of COVID-19, PELP has been expanded for undergraduate students to allow for more than one quarter of leave.
  • Students with personal health issues who cannot receive the COVID-19 vaccine or who have other medical reasons affecting their ability to be present on campus in the fall should contact the Student Disability Center to discuss possible accommodations. Visit this Student Disability Center webpage for information on the accommodation request process.
  • For international students, please see the International Student section below. 

Current Guidance/Resources:

  • Most classes will be held remotely, including all lectures and discussion sections for undergraduate students and for most graduate students.
  • The Keep Teaching website provides practical resources and strategies to help students and faculty navigate the remote instruction environment.
  • Remote and in-person course offerings are viewable on Schedule Builder.

Campus dining

Fall 2021:

  • We expect that on-campus dining facilities will operate at their full design capacities.

Current Guidance:

Campus housing

Fall 2021:

  • Since we are planning for instruction to be in person, we encourage all students to secure housing in the Davis or Sacramento area for the 2021-22 academic year as soon as possible, if you have not already done so.
  • We also plan to continue to have COVID-19 quarantine and isolation facilities available on campus for fall quarter. 

Current Guidance:

  • Residence hall spaces have been de-densified to align with public health guidance with single-occupancy bedrooms for 2020-21.
  • UPDATED 3/4/2021: As students are thinking ahead for Fall 2021, especially with regard to housing options, campus has provided guidance and resources to help with housing decisions. Campus is here to support students in their search for housing information and evaluating options and a full list of resources are available in the recent email sent to students.

Daily symptom survey

Fall 2021:

  • We expect that the Daily Symptom Survey will not be required for entrance into campus facilities beginning in the fall. Instead, compliance with vaccine policy and testing for all unvaccinated individuals will be managed through data collected in Health-e-Messaging.

Current Guidance:

  • All students, staff and faculty are required to complete the daily symptom survey and will need to be “Approved” to gain access to locations on campus. You should save the approved email you receive as you will need to present it at facility access points. If a student does not attain “Approved” status after taking the symptom survey, they will be asked to stay home, shelter in place and contact Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS).

Events and gatherings

  • Please refer to the Event Guidance page for the current guidance for on and off-campus gatherings.

Face coverings and physical distancing

Fall 2021:

  • We expect the face covering and physical distance guidance for Fall 2021 to align with our current guidance outlined on the Public Health Policies & Requirements page. (As public health directives may unexpectedly change in the coming months, this guidance may need to be revised.)   

Current Guidance:

  • Fully vaccinated students are not required to wear face coverings or physical distance in most settings (exceptions for face coverings include classrooms, mass transit and healthcare settings, see details on the Public Health Policies & Requirements page). Vaccinated students may continue wearing a face covering if they prefer.
  • Unvaccinated students must wear face coverings indoors and also outdoors in crowded spaces. 
  • Unvaccinated student employees must maintain physical distance while eating or drinking in the workplace.
  • UPDATED 5/14/2021: Branded face coverings are no longer available for students to pick up at the Campus Bookstore.

Financial aid

As housing status impacts your Financial Aid awards, you are encouraged to review your housing status in MyAwards as soon as you receive your Financial Aid package information. To ensure that your financial aid package is reflective of your actual living expenses, please review Undergraduate Cost of Attendance.

Flu and COVID-19 vaccination

Fall 2021:

Current COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement:

  • On July 15, 2021, the University of California formally enacted its COVID-19 vaccination requirement for all students, staff and faculty who are returning to campus in the fall. The deadline for compliance is September 8, which is two weeks before instruction begins in our colleges and schools that operate on the quarter system. The announcement of this vaccine requirement can be read here, which also contains links to FAQs for students and employees, along with a link to the full policy
  • Please follow the steps below to comply with this mandate.
    1. If you are fully vaccinated, please verify your vaccination status in Health-e-Messaging as soon as possible via one of the two options below. Please allow up to 48 hours for your information to be processed by Student Health and Counseling Services.
      • If you were vaccinated in California: Sign and authorization form in the “Medical Clearances” section of the Health-e-Messaging portal to provide access to your vaccine status via the California Immunization Registry database (CAIR2). This option will automatically verify your vaccine status with campus, so you will not need to self-report your vaccine information with date(s) and vaccine card images. 
      • If you were vaccinated outside of California: Self-report your vaccine information by clicking the blue button on the homepage labeled “Enter My COVID-19 Vaccination Information” — and provide vaccine type and date(s), and images (front and back) of your vaccine card. Your self-reported information will be manually verified. (If you have already submitted this information, then you should see your COVID-19 vaccination status marked “Compliant” in the “Medical Clearances” section of Health-e-Messaging.)
  • Visit the COVID-19 Vaccine Program page for more details and to learn more about options to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Health and mental health resources

  • Student Health and Counseling Services has expanded telehealth services to continue to provide care for patients, with in-person visits scheduled as needed.
    • Medical visits: Schedule a telephone visit through the Health-e-Messaging portal to initiate care. Speak with a Student Health Center nurse during normal business hours or the after-hours nurse advice service by calling 530-752-2349.
    • Mental health visits: Please review the COVID-19 Mental Health Resource Flyer for more information about mental health appointments, crisis support and self-care that is available, based on where you are residing.

International students

Fall 2021:

  • As mentioned in the Provost's update, we continue to be encouraged by the situation at embassies and consulates around the globe. Wait times for processing visas continue to decline in many countries, and the number of students who have had their visas issued or renewed has been steadily increasing. Given the late-September start date for our quarter programs, we anticipate that almost all students will be able to return to the U.S. and attend classes in person. That said, we will continue to monitor this situation closely and will be prepared to implement other options, such as limited remote instruction, if necessary.
  • We advise all international undergraduate students to register for courses as soon as they are able to do so based on the information in the system at the time they register. Currently, it is better for undergraduates to register for courses under the assumption that they will be able to attend in person. If in-person attendance proves impossible, we will provide additional information on the Global Affairs website in August, and we will communicate any alternative instruction options.
  • International graduate students should discuss plans and possibilities with their program or Graduate Studies regarding enrollment for fall quarter.
  • As of now, we expect that all international students should be able to arrive in person for winter quarter, and thus anticipate that winter courses will be delivered in the same manner as they were before the pandemic.

Public health policies, requirements and enforcement

  • The campus has developed two interim policies to implement important public health directives and address student conduct and discipline during the pandemic. Please note that UC Davis revised its interim public health policy (Interim 290-01) on June 15, 2021 and removed campus-specific requirements to better align with current county, state and CDC guidance. 
  • Reports of students or student organizations who allegedly violate campus policy, even when on private property, can be made to OSSJA for investigation. If a student is found responsible, students can face consequences including, but not limited to, censure, probation up to suspension or dismissal. Student organizations can face consequences including, but not limited to conditional registration, loss of privileges and revocation of registration status. To report an incident involving a student or student organization, please fill out the OSSJA Incident Report Form.
  • Visit the Public Health Policies & Requirements page for an overview of the policies, requirements and process for enforcement for students.

Screening, testing and reporting

Fall 2021:

  • We expect the testing requirement for Fall 2021 to align with our current guidance as outlined below. (As public health directives may unexpectedly change in the coming months, this guidance may need to be revised.

Current Guidance:

  • Beginning June 18, 2021, all unvaccinated students who access campus facilities will be required to undergo asymptomatic testing for COVID-19 at least every four days (roughly two times per week). This revision to the current weekly testing requirement is in alignment with CDC guidance that frequent COVID-19 testing contributes to low case rates in a university setting. 
  • Students who are fully vaccinated AND have verified their vaccination status are exempt from the campus testing requirement. As there are examples of vaccinated individuals contracting and potentially spreading COVID-19, we encourage vaccinated individuals to continue to voluntarily test on a routine basis.
  • Monitor your symptoms and stay home if you’re sick.
  • If you test positive or receive positive diagnosis from your physician for COVID-19, please self-report it through the process described here. 

NEW - Sequestration Requirement and Travel Guidance

Fall 2021:

  • Based on the recent fall planning guidance issued by the University of California and our continued effort to implement public health measures to protect our community, any student who is unvaccinated when they arrive in Davis will be required to self-sequester (i.e. separate themselves from others) in their residence for a minimum of seven days and have two negative COVID-19 tests. The self-sequestration requirement is independent of quarantine and isolation guidance and being implemented specifically for the start of fall quarter.
  • During the self-sequestration period, students should not leave their residences except for food or medical needs, say grocery shopping, picking up a prescription, or getting tested or vaccinated for COVID-19, and are not permitted to attend classes in-person. Students who will need to sequester should plan travel accordingly and, if possible, arrive in Davis at least seven days prior to the first day of classes.
  • It is generally recommended that international students arrive more than seven days before the start of classes. Unvaccinated international students who have questions about their travel plans should contact their Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS) advisors. Please note that we are happy to provide vaccines for all international students who are unvaccinated or who would prefer to receive a different vaccine than received in their home countries.
  • If you arrive unvaccinated, you will also need to follow campus requirements regarding testing and face coverings to access campus facilities. In addition, students living in Student Housing and Dining Services-managed spaces should follow any supplemental sequestration requirements included as a condition of living in the residence halls and The Green at West Village apartments.

Tuition and fees

Fall 2021:

  • Tuition and systemwide fees are set by the Regents for all UC campuses, and most campus-based fees are generated through a student-involved referenda process. Tuition and mandatory fees have not all been set yet for 2021-22 but will be posted here.

Current Resources:

Virtual events and services