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Frequently Asked Questions for Students

We will update this page and our responses as we receive more questions, and as we receive guidance from Yolo County and the State of California. Because health guidelines are being updated on an almost daily basis, please check this FAQ regularly to see if answers to your questions have changed.

Financial Aid, Tuition and Work-Study

Will my financial aid/scholarships be affected if fall quarter is virtual?

Housing is one of the factors used to calculate the cost of attendance, so changes in where you choose to live may affect the amount of financial aid available to you. For example, living with parents is less expensive than on-campus housing. Estimates for different living options can be found in the Undergraduate Cost of Attendance.

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Can I request a change to my financial aid for the 2020-21 academic year?

UC Davis understands that the financial circumstances of some families have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Affected students — both incoming and continuing — may file an appeal for revision to financial aid. Information about appealing for a revision of financial aid is on the financial aid website. The campus offers the Financial Aid Net Price Calculator to help undergraduates estimate how their financial aid may change based on new circumstances.

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Will work-study positions still be available? Will they be available for remote work?

Staff from Financial Aid and Scholarships are working with work-study employers, both on and off campus, to determine what positions will be available for in-person and/or remote work. The university has authorized more job functions to be eligible for remote work, and campus departments are actively looking to make more student positions available for remote work.

A student’s eligibility for work-study is displayed in the MyAwards portal. Handshake, an online platform where UC Davis students and alumni can connect with employers, indicates which job postings are work-study positions. Onboarding and hiring for some positions can be done remotely. The work-study website and FAQs provide more information.

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How does Pass/No Pass grading from the spring 2020 quarter affect my financial aid?

The transition to a Pass/No Pass (or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) grading system may affect your Satisfactory Academic Progress, standards that a student must meet to be eligible for financial aid. For more information, please see the FAQs for Satisfactory Academic Progress.

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Will CARES Emergency Relief grants be available?

The student grant component of the CARES ACT provided one-time funding. Of the $16.9 million available for UC Davis students, most had been disbursed by July 1 with some remaining for students enrolled in Summer Sessions II. For more, visit the CARES grants reporting page and our CARES Act FAQs.

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Who can I contact for financial aid help?

To contact Financial Aid and Scholarships, please use Contact an Expert. To address a high volume of inquiries, the office is focused on responding to Contact an Expert inquiries. For quick answers to common questions, please visit Financial Aid and Scholarships FAQs.

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If I have a work-study job, how will I get my paycheck?

For UC Davis work-study jobs, students should sign up for direct deposit to their bank account at least one week before starting the job.

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What is the status of tuition and mandatory fees?

Tuition and systemwide fees are set by the Regents for all UC campuses, and most campus-based fees are generated through a student-involved referenda process. Tuition, systemwide fees and most campus-based fees did not increase for 2020-21. More information regarding campus-based fees is included in this post. Tuition and mandatory fees have not all been set yet for 2021-22 but will be posted here.

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What are tuition and mandatory fees being used for?

Mandatory university charges for tuition and student services continue to help cover ongoing operations including the delivery of instruction and the cost of student services such as registration, financial aid, remote academic advising and mental health services. Our teaching continues, even as its method of delivery has changed. Students are connecting with and learning from world-class faculty, completing coursework, earning full course credit, and making progress toward an immensely valuable UC Davis degree. UC Davis student services continue to be available to students via remote options including academic assistance and tutoring, student basic needs and mental health, internship and career services, fitness and wellness programs, and many more to ensure that the term remains a very powerful and enriching one for our students. More information can be found in the Campus Resources section of the Student FAQ.

Some campus-based fees were established to support certain efforts like the Health Services Fee, which is paying for many essential health services. Others were established to maintain the safety of buildings or other facilities when necessary for the health and safety of students—e.g., to address seismic deficiencies. Even as UC campuses such as ours have adjusted limited aspects of their operations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, other offerings and services have expanded, and the costs associated with the services that campus-based fees are intended to cover continue.

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What is the status of Course Materials and Services Fees?

With the campus providing remote delivery of instruction for spring and summer 2021, UC Davis is continuing to suspend all undergraduate and graduate Course Materials and Services Fees that are tied to specific courses. Please note that you may see these fees reflected in Schedule Builder, however, they will not be charged in the billing process. Course Materials and Services Fees associated with DVM, MBA, and MD programs, which are generally charged at the program level instead of the course level, will not be adjusted unless specifically requested by the school. 

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