California reopened on June 15: However, workplace rules are not changing immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions for Students

We will update this page and our responses as we receive more questions, and as we receive guidance from Yolo County and the State of California. Because health guidelines are being updated on an almost daily basis, please check this FAQ regularly to see if answers to your questions have changed.

Housing and Dining

Where can I find information about Housing and Dining?

Visit the COVID-19 Information page on the Student Housing and Dining Services website for the most current information.  

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What happens if my child is quarantined because they have or were exposed to COVID-19? Can I come get them?

If a UC Davis student is quarantined or isolated, they must remain within their rooms for the duration of the quarantine or isolation based on state and county public health guidance. One of the purposes of the quarantine or isolation is to prevent any potential, further spread of COVID-19. This guidance may change based on guidance from county and state quarantine and isolation mandates.

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What is the guidance for students living in private, rental housing?

While the housing decision is a personal one for each student and family, you are also not alone in making this decision. Campus is here to support you in your search for housing information and evaluating your options. We recommend that students read their lease or housing agreement carefully and understand the lease terms, options for termination, subleasing or any other options that could add flexibility to the agreement. For example, some properties may offer a quarter-by-quarter leasing term, which may be a more desirable option in the case of an unexpected shift in public health guidance. In addition, UC Davis and the city of Davis continue to work together to provide support and resources on housing issues. 

We encourage students to contact any of the housing support resources listed below:

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What do I do if I am experiencing a housing crisis or may lose housing?

If you are experiencing a housing crisis or may lose housing, please contact the Aggie Compass Basic Needs Center for support. They offer a variety of housing resources, including:

  • Emergency shelter and transitional housing 
  • Housing assistance grants
  • Rent Subsidy Program
  • College Focused Rapid Rehousing Program

Resources can be accessed by submitting a Basic Needs Assistance Form.

For more specific information about Student Housing and Dining Services, please visit housing.ucdavis.edu.

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