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Frequently Asked Questions for Students

We will update this page and our responses as we receive more questions, and as we receive guidance from Yolo County and the State of California. Because health guidelines are being updated on an almost daily basis, please check this FAQ regularly to see if answers to your questions have changed.

Financial Aid, Tuition and Work-Study

Will my financial aid/scholarships be affected depending on where I am living?

As housing status impacts your Financial Aid awards, you are encouraged to review your housing status in MyAwards as soon as you receive your Financial Aid package information. To ensure that your financial aid package is reflective of your actual living expenses, please review Undergraduate Cost of Attendance.

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How does Pass/No Pass grading affect my financial aid?

The transition to a Pass/No Pass (or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) grading system may affect your Satisfactory Academic Progress, standards that a student must meet to be eligible for financial aid. For more information, please see the FAQs for Satisfactory Academic Progress.

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Who can I contact for financial aid help?

To contact Financial Aid and Scholarships, please use Contact an Expert. To address a high volume of inquiries, the office is focused on responding to Contact an Expert inquiries. For quick answers to common questions, please visit Financial Aid and Scholarships FAQs.

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What is the status of tuition and mandatory fees?

Tuition and systemwide fees are set by the Regents for all UC campuses, and most campus-based fees are generated through a student-involved referenda process. Tuition, systemwide fees and most campus-based fees did not increase for 2020-21. More information regarding campus-based fees is included in this post. Tuition and mandatory fees have not all been set yet for 2021-22 but will be posted here.

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What is the status of Course Materials and Services Fees?

With the campus providing remote delivery of instruction for spring and summer 2021, UC Davis is continuing to suspend all undergraduate and graduate Course Materials and Services Fees that are tied to specific courses. Please note that you may see these fees reflected in Schedule Builder, however, they will not be charged in the billing process. Course Materials and Services Fees associated with DVM, MBA, and MD programs, which are generally charged at the program level instead of the course level, will not be adjusted unless specifically requested by the school. 

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