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Frequently Asked Questions for Students

We will update this page and our responses as we receive more questions, and as we receive guidance from Yolo County and the State of California. Because health guidelines are being updated on an almost daily basis, please check this FAQ regularly to see if answers to your questions have changed.

Academic Advising

Where can I find academic advising information?

Your college and/or major department advising offices:

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How do I schedule an appointment with my academic advisor?

Schedule appointments per usual through your appointment system. Students within the College of Biological Sciences can schedule appointments through BASC. All other students can schedule appointments through the Advising Appointment System.

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Can I schedule an in-person appointment?

In order to comply with campus and community directives, academic advising will only happen remotely. No in-person meetings will occur. You will be able to connect via Zoom or phone.

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What are the factors to consider before electing to take a course P/NP?

Important factors to consider include:

  • A “P” is equivalent to a C- or better. P/NP grades are not used in GPA calculations.
  • Taking a course P/NP could have important implications for future graduate school admissions. Graduate schools may have prerequisites that require letter grading. If you have applied or are applying to a graduate program, please check with that program for information on how P/NP grading may affect your application.
  • No course units are awarded for a NP. If you receive a NP, this could drop you below minimum progress or affect academic probationary status. This could also affect the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) calculation, which determines your eligibility for future financial aid.
  • Veterans who receive financial assistance may have a strong motivation to take classes for a letter grade, as the receipt of a grade such as a “NP” can retroactively impact financial aid. Some branches of the armed forces require that students maintain a 2.0 or higher, or make progress toward degree completion; the P/NP option may hinder the ability to maintain this threshold. These are complex issues and students should consult closely with their advisors or the Veterans Success Center.
  • Whether courses can be taken P/NP for a major during the pandemic, as well as policies regarding college P/NP unit caps for graduation during the pandemic, will be determined by each college on a quarter-by-quarter basis.

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How do I change my grading option?

Use Schedule Builder to follow the regular process for changing your grading option.

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Can I change from P/NP back to a letter grade?

Yes. You can opt for P/NP grading in a course, or revert back to letter grading, up until the P/NP deadline. Please visit the Academic Senate’s COVID-19 Academic Policies page to see if P/NP deadlines have been adjusted for each quarter.

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Will taking a class P/NP impact my GPA?

P/NP grades are not factored into the GPA calculation.

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Will taking a class P/NP impact my time to graduation?

That depends on whether a letter grade in the class is required by your major or college. Additionally, courses in which you receive an “NP” grade yield no units toward graduation.

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I am repeating a course after taking it for a letter grade. Can I take it P/NP?


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I am not in good academic standing. Can I take a course P/NP in Fall 2020?

Normally, you must be in good academic standing to take courses P/NP. This requirement has been changed for some quarters. Please visit the Academic Senate’s COVID-19 Academic Policies page to see when flexibilities have been made to this requirement.

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Who should I talk to if I’m not sure what to do?

You should start by contacting your academic advisor in your Dean’s Office (or BASC, if you are a College of Biological Student) or your major advisor if the course you are considering changing to P/NP is specifically required for your major (some colleges have modified their P/NP rules during the pandemic).

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