California reopened on June 15: However, workplace rules are not changing immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions for Students

We will update this page and our responses as we receive more questions, and as we receive guidance from Yolo County and the State of California. Because health guidelines are being updated on an almost daily basis, please check this FAQ regularly to see if answers to your questions have changed.

Prospective Students

Placement exams are conflicting with end-of-year exams. What are other options?

Placement exams are scheduled for multiple dates, so students are encouraged to plan ahead and choose dates that work with their end-of-year exams. The Office of the University Registrar provides links to all placement exam schedules.

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My school is unable to mail transcripts. What do I do?

The UC Davis website describes several options for sending official transcripts/documents. Please visit the website for updated information.

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