Hosting an Event at UC Davis

Hosting an event at UC Davis

There currently are no university restrictions on hosting an event at UC Davis, though entrance requirements are necessary in limited situations.

Specifically, if you’re planning a training session or a camp with participants who are neither employees nor degree-seeking students, then UC COVID-19 Vaccine Policy requires they show proof of vaccination or a recent negative test.

  • The entrance requirement can be met in one of the following ways:
    • UC Davis campus employees or students may show their valid Daily Symptom Survey email.
    • UC Davis Health employees may display their ID bearing an orange sticker confirming vaccination status or show their Daily Symptom Survey output with proof of a negative COVID-19 test result from the last 72 hours.
    • Non-affiliate attendees (who are neither UC Davis employees nor matriculated students and thus cannot verify their vaccine information by logging into Health-e-Messaging to take the Daily Symptom Survey) can show:
      • Their CDC Vaccine Card (phone image acceptable) or digital vaccine record from the State of California OR
      • A negative COVID-19 test result from the last 72 hours. (Must be a lab/PCR test; home tests/antigen tests are not valid; if offered and proctored by the event, at-door antigen tests are acceptable.)
  • It is the responsibility of the event host to ensure that staffing resources are available to meet this entrance requirement.
  • Event hosts may offer and proctor at-door antigen testing as a proof-of-testing option for those without proof of vaccination or negative test. You do not need medical personnel to administer the antigen test, but it does need to be witnessed by the event host or designee. Instructions are provided with each test. Once the guest completes the test and receives a negative result, the test kit may be discarded in any trash receptacle. 
  • The university offers single-use COVID-19 antigen home test kits at or below retail prices for departments wishing to provide them to guests. These are not intended for employees or students who have access to UC Davis saliva testing in Davis and Sacramento. 
    • Please go to the main dashboard of AggieBuy (Central Storehouse tile under Aggie Supply heading) to locate these test kits. Orders are generally delivered within two business days