Planning In-Person Activities at UC Davis

In-Person Activity Guidance at UC Davis

The following guidelines apply when UC Davis departments/units host:
  • Trainings - When non-affiliates are registered/enrolled in continuing education, lifelong learning, seminars, workshops, and other non degree-granting educational programs.

  • Camps - Summer youth camps and sports camps.

Hosts should screen for Daily Symptom Survey results and vaccine/testing requirements as described below. For additional detail on the campus public health guidance, visit the Public Health Policies & Requirements page.

Event Access Screening Requirements

For attendees 12 and older

  • Vaccination or proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test is required for all indoor events hosted by a UC Davis department/unit at a Davis campus facility. Attendees age 12 and older should bring a photo ID to confirm vaccination/test for the person entering. (Please note that Mega Events guidance is for attendees age 3 and older to provide verification of testing - see Mega Events section below.) Verification records should NOT be retained by the event. It is the responsibility of the event host to ensure that staffing resources are available to meet this entrance requirement. 
  • The entrance requirement (for attendees age 12 and older) can be met in one of the following ways:
  1. UC Davis campus employees or students are required to show their valid Daily Symptom Survey compliance email.
  2. UC Davis Health employees can display their ID bearing an orange sticker confirming vaccination status or show their Daily Symptom Survey output with proof of a negative COVID-19 test result from the last 72-hours.
  3. Non-affiliate attendees can show:
    • Their CDC Vaccine Card (phone image acceptable) or digital vaccine record from the State of California OR 
    • A negative COVID-19 test result from the last 72-hours. (must be a lab/PCR test; home tests/antigen tests are not valid; if offered and proctored by the event, at-door antigen tests are acceptable)

Mega Events

Mega-events are indoor events with 1,000 or more people and outdoor events with 10,000 or more people, such as conferences, concerts and sporting events.

  • The California Department of Public Health strongly recommends either proof of Full Vaccination or negative COVID-19 test result for entry for attendees age 3 and older for indoor mega-events with 1,000 or more attendees.
  • For outdoor mega-events, verification of fully vaccinated status or pre-entry negative test result is strongly recommended for all attendees age 3 and older. If implemented, events are recommended to not use self-attestation as a mode of verification but rather use verification options explained above. 

If you are planning to host a mega-event, please also review the complete California Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidance for these types of large gatherings.

Event Capacity Limits

There are no restrictions on capacity apart from those mandated by the Fire Marshal and posted occupancy limits.

Food and Beverage Service

There are no restrictions on food service, but food must be served in accordance with County Health Code requirements and as well as the food and beverage requirements for campus.

Guidance and FAQs for Event Hosts
  • Include the following information in event promotions to attendees:
    • Current face covering guidance 
    • Requirement for attendees to complete the Daily Symptom Survey and provide proof of vaccination or recent COVID-19 test as outlined above
  • OPTIONAL: to the extent that your event has the financial and staffing resources to offer and proctor at-door antigen testing, you may use this method as a proof-of-testing option for those without proof of vaccination or negative test. You do not need medical personnel to administer the antigen test, but it does need to be witnessed by the event host or designee. Instructions are provided with each test. Once the guest completes the test and receives a negative result, the test kit may be discarded in any trash receptacle. Please see the Event Host FAQ below for details on how to order antigen tests from campus.
  • How do I order an antigen test from campus for at-door testing at my event?
  • If your department needs antigen tests for at-door testing for your event, they are available for purchase through the Central Storehouse tile in AggieBuy. Be sure to include in the "Business Purpose" area the reason antigen tests are necessary. Saliva testing on campus or through Healthy Davis Together should be utilized whenever possible. Quantities are limited. If you are planning an event which will require a large quantity of tests (50 or more) please make your request well in advance of your event date.
  • Will event hosts be requiring attendees to fill out and sign a waiver in case there is someone at the event who has covid and potentially spreads it?
  • No
  • Are students/employees who are unvaccinated or not current on their vaccines able to attend events? 
  • Yes, if they display an “Approved” status on their Daily Symptom Survey.
  • Can an event host request verification of vaccination status during the registration process for paid/ticketed events?
  • Yes, with restrictions.

    Event hosts may require attendees to self disclose their vaccination status during the registration process, without any upload of documentation. Verification of documentation should be done on-site and no records should be retained by the event hosts.
  • If someone refuses to comply with requirements above, can we remove and report this individual?
  • Event host should ask them to leave and if they refuse, please record the person’s name and their affiliation. If it is a student, it will be an OSSJA referral. Employees should be referred to Employee & Labor Relations (ELR).
  • What do I do if a person is showing an “Overdue” or “Not Approved” result from the Daily Symptom Survey?
  • Please let them know that they are not permitted to enter the event. This event requires all attendees to have an “approved” status. If you are offering a way to attend online, please provide that information so the person can attend remotely. If they refuse to leave, please record the person’s name and if they are a student, employee or visitor. If it is a student, it will be an OSSJA referral. Employees should be referred to Employee & Labor Relations (ELR).
  • Will campus have extra cleaning of classrooms or event space in between meetings/events?
  • No, but larger event spaces will have extra cleaning.
  • Are there physical distancing requirements at events?
  • No.
  • UC Davis sponsored events off-campus: What is the policy on requiring proof of vaccination or recent testing from attendees at events that will be held off-site and not on campus?
  • We recommend that you follow the event guidance outlined on this page for any UC Davis sponsored events in addition to any requirements of the off-campus facility or location.