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Managing Remote and Hybrid-Remote Teams

Explore the challenges and opportunities facing managers who supervise teams with employees working both on-site and remotely. These virtual, instructor-lead classes are open to all supervisors at UC Davis and UC Davis Health. 

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Past Events 

Flexible Work Planning w/ Health and Safety Update

Tuesday, Sept. 14

Work is underway in schools, colleges and divisions to formalize flexible work arrangements. Deadlines and processes vary by unit, but the Davis Campus has implemented a flexible work planning model that promotes consistency, objectivity and equitable outcomes.

  • Topics Included
  • Learn more about how UC Davis is supporting flexible work planning for staff on the Davis Campus, and health and safety requirements for all employees.

    Flexible Work Planning
    Where things stand today, what’s coming next
    Flexible work planning process and role of Flexible Work Liaisons
    Formalizing a flexible work arrangement
    Resources for supervisors and employees

    Vaccine mandate for employees
    Requirements for testing and face coverings
    Contact tracing and quarantining
    Compliance and enforcement


Returning to Campus: Navigating the New Normal

Monday, Aug. 30

Workplace Reimagined: Resources and Guidance for Fall Planning

Thursday, May 20