Flexible Work

Use this guide as you create your unit’s Flexible Work strategy and implement agreements and schedules with staff.

As appropriate, unit leaders should:

  • Begin discussions with employees about long-term flexible work arrangements and test those arrangements in July and August.
  • After Sept. 1, supervisors should begin formalizing any long-term flexible work arrangements. Specific deadlines for formalizing plans vary by school, college and division. Check with your Flexible Work Liaison for deadlines for your area.

Step 1: Develop Strategy

Consult the Flexible Work Planning Guide for Staff Departments/Units, which includes:

  • Recommended steps for flexible work planning
  • Required planning and reporting actions
  • Guiding principles and critical considerations, such as:
    • Approving or denying requests for flexible work
    • Establishing team and business standards
    • Planning off-site workspaces

Step 2: Assess Positions for Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA)

  • Supervisor/Manager (or appropriate person) completes:
    Remote-ability Assessment
    etermine if positions and tasks – not the employee - are FWA compatible
  • Employee Completes
    Remote-ability Self-Assessment
    Helps the employee determine whether a FWA is desired, acceptable and sustainable

Flexible Work Models

Step 3: Communicate and Discuss Plans with Employees - Seek Input

  • Consult with each individual employee regarding their experience with flexible work, lessons learned thus far, challenges (and resulting solutions) and preferences moving forward.
  • Test out the proposed Flexible Work Arrangement to identify challenges and successes and make any adjustments. Some areas could pilot FWAs this summer, while other areas may need to wait to better understand on-campus service needs in the fall. 

Step 4: Formalize Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA)

  • Part I > Supervisor completes Flexible Work Schedule, in collaboration with employee.
  • Check with your Supervisor or your Flexible Work Liaison for details on process for your unit.  The standard UC Davis Flexible Work Schedule and a general process overview can be found on the Formalizing Flexible Work Arrangements web page.
  • Part II > Complete and sign the Flexible Work Agreement via DocuSign
  • Flexible Work Agreement via DocuSign
    This agreement should be completed AFTER a schedule is agreed upon (step 1, above).

    The agreement describes the terms and conditions for a remote or hybrid-remote work arrangement at UC Davis.
  • Part III > Complete the Remote Use of University Resources Agreement regarding equipment used in an off-site workspace.
  • Remote Use of University Resources Agreement regarding equipment used in an off-site workspace.
Consult with your Flexible Work Liaison regarding your unit's process and forms to formalize the Flexible Work Schedule and Flexible Work Agreement.