Workplace Reimagined FAQs

FAQs are being added and updated regularly. 

Health and Safety Topics
  • Tell me more about COVID-19 vaccination
  • UC has proposed an immunization requirement for all who access university facilities and programs.

    Medical exemption and religious belief exception requests will be considered, but if approved, will result in additional non-pharmaceutical interventions.

    Policy expected to be finalized before fall 2021 term begins.

    Learn more about Health & Safety changes

Flexible Work Topics
  • Is there a specific form to be completed for Remote or Hybrid-Remote Flexible Work Arrangements?
  • Yes.  UC Davis requires that an updated Flexible Work Agreement that outlines the terms and conditions for remote or hybrid-remote work be completed and signed by the employee and supervisor as ongoing Flexible Work Arrangements are formalized.  In addition, your unit will likely require that a Flexible Work Schedule be completed as well - this document captures the details of the arrangement such as days on or off-site, communication expectations, etc.  Please check with your supervisor or unit Flexible Work Liaison for your unit's process.  All forms and a general process can be found on the Formalizing Flexible Work Arrangements web page.
  • How do I approach my supervisor about wanting to continue remote work?
  • If your supervisor hasn’t raised the topic, reach out to them to ask about options and expectations.  You may find it helpful to complete the Remote-Ability Self Assessment to help structure your conversation.
  • Who can I talk to if I disagree with a decision about remote work?
  • Denials for requests for remote or hybrid-remote work will be reviewed before final decision by designated leaders in each school, college or division - that secondary level of review will be someone other than the direct supervisor/manager.  For questions on the review process for your area, please contact your Flexible Work Liaison.
  • Is it an option to work 100% remotely?
  • Yes. If the requirements of the position and department can be met, a position can be fully remote – with approval from the department and division/school/college.
  • Can remote workers be out-of-state?
  • All out-of-state requests should be reviewed at the leadership level within a school, college or division

    >>  Out-of-state work is supported by UC from a payroll and tax perspective
    >>  Employees would be responsible for travel costs to visit the University worksite
    >>  Benefits selections may need to be adjusted for available coverage out-of-state
          -- Options: CORE, UC Care and the UC Health Savings Plan
    UCOP Guidance:  The University is registered in all 44 states that impose an income tax. To ensure appropriate tax withholding, current UC employees who relocate outside California must change their address and withholding information in UCPath to the state in which the employee’s services are performed (not the UC job location).
  • Can remote workers be out of the country (international)?
  • UC Davis does not permit staff employees to work outside of the United States as part of flexible work arrangements.

    For UC Davis programs or projects that operate internationally and require staff to be employed and located outside the USA, review and approvals are required at Vice Chancellor/Vice Provost/Dean level, with the involvement of appropriate central offices, given the complex tax, legal and compliance considerations.

On-Site Work Topics
  • If I work from home, will I still have a workstation on campus?
  • When a remote employee works onsite, a workspace (potentially shared) will be made available to them according to parameters defined at the school, college or division level.  In general employees who spend the majority of their time working remotely will not have dedicated workstations or equipment on campus and will instead use a shared workspace when on-site.
    For this reason, it’s important that supervisors and staff schedule time on- and off-site and setup on-site workspaces accordingly.  Supervisors and Managers can check with their unit's Flexible Work Liaison for guidance or the Off-Site Planning page for UC Davis recommendations.
  • Is help available for cleaning out and reorganizing workspaces, including shredding paper records?
  • Yes. Please contact Space Management or submit a Space Project Needs Request at

Off-Site Work Topics
  • Will the university pay for phone or internet (or upgraded internet) for home offices?
  • While specific parameters will be defined when UCOP guidelines are finalized, the expectation is that the university will not pay for internet or phone services.

    It’s expected that those who work remotely establish appropriate levels of internet and phone service.

    Each type of work model carries expenses with it – on-site workers may incur parking and commuting costs while remote workers may incur equipment and/or technology costs.
  • If I am a remote worker and geographically distant from campus, will UC Davis pay my travel expenses for coming on-site for occasional meetings or events?
  • Per UC Policy, employees who are allowed to work remotely, no matter the location, are responsible for all cost of travel to campus (or location of UCD office).